Furniture Bondage Photographs by Melanie Bonajo


Melanie Bonajo lives and works in The Netherlands. Her furniture bondage photographs from the project “All Cliches Are True” explore material objects and the role they play in society. About her work, Melanie says,”The furniture bondage series speaks of the impossible need to create a perfect harmony with the world around us by exploring seemingly opposing elements together: a choreography of magnetic fields lingering between attachment/detachment, bonded/liberated, subject/object.” Melanie has had several solo shows including “As Thrown Down From Heaven” at the PPOW Gallery in New York and “Modern Life of the Soul” at the Fette Gallery in Los Angeles. Interview with Melanie about this project here.





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  • Melanie Bonajo is the most refreshment artist of this time. I found in her catalog “I have a room with everything” many photos (even) better than her bondage serie. Don’t miss her work if you don’t know it yet.

    (I am not related to Ms. Bonajo).

  • Excellent stuff!
    There is a Japanese film from the 1980’s, titled ‘Crazy Family’ in UK, which has some good costumes and ideas along these lines:

  • P C R

    Honey it may be sexist but this stuff made me hot!

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