Kate Hutchinson, Montreal


Kate Hutchinson was born in New Haven, Connecticut in 1977, and has been a resident of Montreal, Quebec since a very young age. She received her photographic education at Mount Allison University and Dawson College and is currently working towards her MFA in photography at Concordia University. In October of 2008 Kate Hutchinson had her first solo show with Why am I marrying him? at the Visual Voice Gallery in Montreal. As well as pursuing her career as a artist, Hutchinson also teaches photography and does some editorial assignments. Of this series, Irish Grandmother, she says, ‘The project began as a way of connecting to and bestowing importance on my grandmother, all the while spending time with her in her Dublin flat where she dwells alone. Since the project’s inception in 2006, further visits in 2007 and 2008 have allowed me to examine and bear witness to her daily life. My grandmother is a quiet and reserved woman who is an integral part of who I am. She does not readily allow people to enter her world or know her thoughts. While photographing her daily routine and rituals, I did not so much learn about her history or her life story, as was part of my original goal, rather I discovered who she needs to be to get through every day’.







  • I love these images. So intimate with an intriguing view into her Grandmother’s personal life.
    I hope Kate has many more opportunities to visit her Grandmother in the years to come.

  • Love it,
    all I had left was an empty house

  • Why do we have to get old in life?

  • Follower of Him

    Dying is part of living. With age comes wisdom. I wouldn’t want to be a teen again for any money. Embrace life. Embrace Jesus. Then…you will know who you are and why you are here.

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