Lisa Wiseman, San Francisco

Lisa Wiseman lives in San Francisco, where she collects photography books and contemporary art. Her photography is about transitions and in-between spaces. As a result, she shoots fashion and portraiture with a fine art eye. Of her work, she says: ‘Through a deliberate use of cropping, I create a narrative that focuses on elements that sometimes go unnoticed. My images often have a cinematic film-still quality, which makes the viewer feel connected yet voyeuristic. I want the viewer to create their own end to the story. I am currently shooting editorial work, fashion, portraiture, and fine art projects. I work in digital mediums — both SLR and using my iPhone camera for my New Polaroid project — and in film, using Polaroid 600′.

Announcing The BlowUp NYC: A new photographic storytelling event presented by Feature Shoot. Speakers include Bob Gruen, Chris Stein, Danny Clinch, Janette Beckman, Amy Lombard, and many more. New York, April 3. More info and tickets here

  • Fotografi

    Poetic, images are suspended.
    Really nice and touching.
    I like the feeiln g you give with all the empty space in the picture.