Jennifer Loeber, New York

Jennifer Loeber (b.1973) was born raised in New York City and received her BFA in photography from Massachusetts College of Art. Her work has been widely exhibited, most recently at the SCOPE Art Fair in New York City and the Michael Mazzeo Gallery. Of her series, “Cruel Story of Youth” she says, ‘Grounded in the ideals of a counter-cultural past and freed from the forced constraints of a conventional camp experience, Rowe Camp empowers teenagers through otherwise impossible freedoms. It’s a glimpse into what the world would be like if no ideas were too absurd, and eccentricity was the rule, not the exception. My own summers spent at Rowe were both a life-changing culture shock and nothing short of paradise. Years after my own initiation into this idealistic society, I returned to photograph the traditions, rituals and intricacies of this unusual youth community. The series’ title refers not to the camp population, but to the life they must return to after tasting true independence for a fleeting moment’.

  • Nice work Jennifer. I like this series.

  • Really interesting and nice series. A portrait of a generation lost in time.
    Difficulties to find goals a lot of moments “in between”…

  • i cried YESTERDAY at circle game, both sides now, and donna donna remembering camp. my boyfriend thinks im certifiable. those were the best days of my life. camp hiawatha 1981-1984!

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