Civilian Portraits Portray a Calm and Colorful Egypt

Denis Dailleux was born in 1958 in Angers, France. He now lives in Cairo. With the delicacy he is notable for, his photography appears calm, incredibly demanding, traced through with permanent doubts and colored by the vital personal relationship he maintains with that and those he frames with his camera. His passion for people, for others, has naturally caused him to develop portraits as his favored method of representing those he wished, desire to get close to. And this he did, with Catherine Deneuve as well as anonymous subjects from the slums of Cairo, with the same discretion he expects from others, without complaint, hoping things will come right. So, patiently, he constructed a unique portrait of the capital of this Egypt with which he has such a loving, indeed passionate, relationship, to combine, between the black and whites of exemplary classicism and colors of a rare subtlety, an absolute alternative to all the cliches, cultural and touristic, which clutter our thoughts.

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  • That’s awesome work. Thanks for this!

  • These are beautiful!!!

  • shicco

    RESPECT, from a cairene since 27 years ago..
    these are masterpieces and a true reality of the slums of cairo with all of its aspects.

  • Deeply moving, subtle and painterly. This photographer should be hired by Vogue to bring back some reality to their pages.

  • mouna

    these pictures are AMAAAAAZING

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