The Polaroid Kidd Documents Trainhoppers

Mike Brodie is a self-trained photographer from Pensacola, Florida, better known by the alter-ego, The Polaroid Kidd. At the age of eighteen, Brodie traveled the railroads of America, spending three years photographing the people he encountered along the way with his trusty Polaroid SX-70.

  • cinemascapist

    I’ve been wondering since 2007 where he has gone? no shows, no sites, no contact, no new works, nothing. Like a ghost. My guess is that since it was unintentional to be a “photographer” and exhibit his work in the first place, he sold his work, did some shows and just moved on to life’s next adventure minus a camera.

  • Wow.. I find it amazing how someone seem to make art shooting “snapshots” with minimal equipment when i struggle to get my shots good sporting equipment worth several thousands!

    Great pictures!

  • @cinemascapist
    i agree, but why not?

  • cinemascapist

    @ james… I’m in a similar boat as him (never intended to sell pictures or show at galleries, etc…), so I’m not arguing it. I like having no pressure or debts for art school tuitions for me to continue this and he obviously didn’t either.

    The point of my comment was that I just wish someone, anyone, knew if this was the case with him or not? Either way it would just be a pleasant surprise if new images came out of nowhere from him?

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