On the Road with Nate Bressler

Raised in a family of artists and oil workers, Nate Bressler is a former archaeologist who found his love for photography during a three year road trip. Still on the road a dozen years later, his adventure continues. Nate now spends his time between the California coastline and the bayous of the deep South. Some of his clients include Interview, Paper, Tokion, Men’s Journal, and the L.A. Times Magazine among others.

nate bressler

Announcing The BlowUp NYC: A new photographic storytelling event presented by Feature Shoot. Speakers include Bob Gruen, Chris Stein, Danny Clinch, Janette Beckman, Amy Lombard, and many more. New York, April 3. More info and tickets here

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    Duane from Hoisington checking on the pictures. Kans 4 Kids and the CO-OP united ag service. Checking if you did e mail them if you did we did not recieve them. cant wait to see what you put together @ labor day Thanks Duane